Moon Goddess bundle

The Ridgeville Witch

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The Moon Goddess grants our wishes and guides our dreams.  She possesses the ultimate power and over sees all life, death and rebirth cycles.  She bestows fertility, independence, courage, strength and intuition.  She is the symbol of female power and clarity.

Bless your life and ask for guidance. Begin by clearing your space by smudging, light your intention candle and gather your energy through the Moon Goddess, end your ritual by relaxing in a soothing bath by adding bath salts infused with lavender and intention. 

Moon Goddess statue 7.5", white sage and lavender smudge stick 6-8", palo santo 4" (approximately), 100% soy intention candle infused with herbs and scent for intentions, selenite wand 6-7", bath salt (lavender bath salts, Himalayan salt, coconut oil).