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Psychic readings

Psychic readings

Psychic readingsPsychic readings

Connecting the World with the Otherworldly


About Me

As a psychic intuitive and tarot card reader Amie connects with Spirit and Guides delivering messages to  help guide you through your journey.  

For many years Amie has been using spell work to help people feel  inspired and recognize their own internal power. All spell work is done with the highest intentions of love and light.


What To Expect

Amie can give general readings or focus on your specific questions.

 Your reading will begin with Reiki which connects us to the universal life source, followed by card reading using  several decks for clarification and validation.  

Spell work is customised to individual needs.

Readings can be given in person or by email or face time.


Readings and Services

Intuitive psychic

Tarot, Energy, Angel and Gypsy card readings


Chakra balancing

Spells for love, abundance, protection, clearing and much  more.

An Evening of Intention

An Evening of Intention

Gather your friends for an evening of setting intentions (ie: love, prosperity, abundance).  Each person will make an intention candle, receive a mini tarot reading and Reiki. $40 per person. Groups of 5-10 people. 

Price List







 I have been to Amie for meditation, Reiki and psychic readings. Both mediation and Reiki were unbelievably relaxing and she was able to comfort my unresolved feelings. Amie’s psychic readings were incredibly accurate. She knew things she had no way of knowing. I would recommend her to anyone!
– Lori, Welland ON 



 Amie has been a monumental support in my spiritual life. Since the beginning of 2018 I have visited Amie several times and each experience has improved my confidence in both my school work and my personal life. Amie provides an incredibly comfortable environment that is complimented with her positive energy and ability to make you feel welcome. during the readings she uses four separate decks of cards, including Tarot and Angel cards. Most importantly she is clear in her explanation of the significance of each card and how it relates to your life. Amie has predicted several key moments in my life through my cards, guided me through Reiki and meditations, as well as performing spells to improve my love life. All of these spiritual practices have improved my life for the better and I have, and will continue to recommend Amie to anyone who is looking for spiritual guidance.
– Emily, Welland ON 



 Amie is truly a blessing. Since my first session with Amie I have been able to dig down deep into the layers of my life that need focus. Her intuition, guidance and knowledge have helped me to move forward in these areas and to be honest with myself and my spiritual journey. Each session with Amie is straight to the point and she truly has a unique and gentle way of providing messages and healing that has helped me to overcome blocks, negative thoughts, fears, questions and challenges. The lessons I have learned and the clarity gained through our sessions has helped me to find purpose, peace and joy in my everyday life. Amie has a gift of healing that she shares with ease, generosity and humility. I will be forever grateful that our paths have crossed.
– Colleen Wilson, Niagara Falls 


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For questions or requests for customized readings, please send me a message. I will get back to you soon.

The Ridgeville Witch

Pelham, Ontario Canada

call or text (905) 380-8533


By Appointment

An Evening of intention

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